It’s in the XVII century, while the Rue des Archives was still called Rue des Enfants Rouges, that the Cour du Marais would have taken shape. It was transformed into a mansion, under the work of the family Rogier de Reuilly, between 1671 and 1752. It was formerly a mecca of the Knights Templar.

The Cour du Marais is profoundly rooted in the earth of its district. This place chose to surprise you by allying a classic style and a contemporary atmosphere. A capacity of 400 m², distributed on 3 levels allows to modulate and to personalize this place of reception according to your expectations and the number of guests.

The centre piece of the place is an attractive paved courtyard year-round (covered and heated in winter and open air in summer). The floor, composed of two lounges of charm and a naturally-lit boudoir and covered with a parquet in French-style oak. Finally, the club, a vault is a real dancefloor.

Our space is adapted for your showroom, days press, meetings, meals, cocktails, parades, dances…